Day Trip to Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi

03 Sep 2009 10:11 PM | Deleted user


Day Trip to Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi


By Kuniko Noguchi




I put oxygen canister, headlight, and energy bar, etc into a backpack the night before Mt. Fuji climb trip and all seemed to be going fine, until I received a cancellation notice by email from the operator!  The same thing happened two more times due to bad weather condition and I nearly gave up the attempt to climb Mt. Fuji.


新しいイメージ1.JPGLate August, however, I had a visitor from Sydney and this gave me a chance to visit Mt. Fuji.  Since we didn’t have enough time to prepare for trekking, we just decided to go to 5th station.  I hadn’t been to 5th station since my primary school days and so practically I was a first time visitor too.  Like many of the tourists do, I wandered around it, enjoyed panoramic view of the lakes, and had ‘Houtou’, which is a local dish in Yamanashi prefecture, while enviously seeing the hikers who were going to start!


新しいイメージ3.JPGWe then headed to Lake Kawaguchi early afternoon.  We explored the lake by round trip bus which goes to the tourist spots, and stopped by ‘Herb Pavilion’ and ‘Mt. Kachi Kachi Ropeway’ where we could view the whole lake.  We wanted to visit a few more places such as viewing spot of ‘Sakasa (upside down) Fuji’ (= ‘Reflection of Mt. Fuji in the lake’), but I also wanted to save time for ‘Shabu shabu’ dinner back in Shinjuku so I could give a lecture on Japanese dishes, referring to the movie ‘Lost in translation’. 


This time, we chose to go to Lake Kawaguchi, but there’s more to discover in and around Mt. Fuji:  4 other lakes around Mt. Fuji, fruits picking, hot spring, and amusement park called ‘Fujikyu Hiland’, etc.  If you ever go to 5th station for sightseeing, it would be nice to choose and visit one of these places as well, depending on the number, the age, and the interest of people to go with.


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