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There’s nothing worse than a set of dry chapped lips.  That’s why lip balm is a must-have in every women’s make-up bag. Lips go through a bad time during cold and dry months. They have a tough time coping with the worst climatic conditions. Dry, chapped lips are the result of lack of moisture in the skin.  Lip balms are used to soften and moisturize the lips, making them smooth, soft and more kissable.  Lip balms help to keep the lips hydrated and maintains their shine.  No wonder so many women swear by the benefits of lip balms. Lip balms come in 3 forms - stick, tube and jars.

Petroleum-based lip balms are not very effective and only provide a temporary relief for our lips. A great alternative to petroleum-based lip balm is a lip balm that uses Shea butter as one of its main ingredients. Shea butter has proved to be very effective in increasing the capacity of the lip skin cells to retain moisture. Shea butter possesses certain ingredients that are extremely useful in enabling the skin cells regain their elasticity, which in turn makes it possible for them to retain the moisture.

Remember to apply daily for soft, moisturized beautiful lips.


Get out of the cold!


Did you know your skin works as a barrier against elements, and when exposed to extreme weather changes can suffer terribly?                                                      

During the winter months Boudoir’s therapists are constantly asked how to help clients keep their skin more hydrated, more radiant and less sensitive.

It is natural for the skin to produce less oil in the winter, therefore leaving your face feeling rough and dry.  We recommend to exfoliate your face twice a week with a gentle exfoliant.  Try Gommage Grain D’eclat from the Guinot range.  We also recommend for you to use of a heavier moisturizing cream than the one you used in summer.

Continual transition from the cold wintery weather outside to indoor heating can also be bad for the skin, especially Rosacea sufferers.  Rasacea is a condition where the skin becomes red and inflamed with small pustules or bumps.  The remedy is to cool skin with a refreshing spriz and avoid alcohol or spicy foods. Another skin type that suffers in this situation are people who are prone to dehydration.  Get a humidifier; it will help to hydrate the skin.  Winter is also a good time to drink lots of water or herbal teas.  You will find a water binding moisturizer will really help to plump up your skin cells.  Hyaluronic acid is a great ingredient to look for when purchasing your winter moisturizer.

People tend to stay home more in winter, curled up in front of the heater, which can leave your skin looking dull, lifeless and pale.  Boost radiance with Vitamin C and other anti-oxidants and remember a fake tan is a great beauty tool all year round!

Sensitive and eczema-prone skins are usually dry, but go crazy in the winter.  Try to avoid having hot baths or showers, which can often worsen the irritation.  Keep the skin moisturized, try a hydrating mask like Guinot Mask Essential Nutri Confort.  A Boudoir best seller. This mask contains Rosemary, Lavender and Thyme, which are healing and soothing, plus Menthol extracts to brighten a dull complexion.  Use this mask twice a week to see the best results. Apply it to your lips if they are sore and dry.

Pigmentation is a problem many women share.  Now the summer is over, winter is the best time to target this problem.  Our Boudoir professionals believe the best cure for pigmentation is to find a good dermatologist or plastic surgeon and have multiple laser treatments over the cold winter months.  Even though the weather is freezing outside, don’t forget your sunscreen and moisturize daily with a moisturizer containing glycolic or salicylic acids. Try Mayerling Lotion Forte, another Boudoir bestseller; imported exclusively from Dr Lawrence Ho, a Sydney based plastic surgeon who specializes in laser resurfacing of the skin.

Last but not least we will tackle dry, cracked lips.  We recommend investing in a lip cream with a Vitamin A derivative, such as retinol, to help boost cell turnover and prevent a build up of dry skin. Also apply hour hydrating face mask to you lips twice weekly!

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