Quick and easy recipe: Ozouni---New Year’s mochi soup

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Quick and easy recipe: Ozouni---New Year’s mochi soup




Japanese people cook and eat ‘Ozouni’ during the New Year period, in addition to ‘Osechi ryourii’, which is another typical New Year’s food.  While Osechi ryouri can be a little complicated to prepare, it takes only 10 minutes to cook Ozouni.


Ozouni has regional variations: Square rice cakes (‘omochi’ in Japanese) and dashi soup are the common Kanto-style, whereas round rice cakes and white miso soup are typical Kansai-style.  With the New Year’s holiday just a month away, now is a good time to learn how to cook Ozouni! Since we live in Tokyo, here is the recipe for the Kanto style. Hope that you enjoy the Ozouni and welcoming the New Year like the Japanese!


Quick and easy recipe:


Ingredients  serves 4


Rice cake

4-8 pieces (one or two pieces per serving)


150g  Cut into bite-size pieces.


200g  Cut into 4 cm lengths


Cut into 1cm wide.  Optional

Dashi soup

5 cups

Soy sauce

2 tbs


1/2 tsp

*Komatsuna is a kind of dark green leafy vegetables.

















1.  Grill the rice cakes in the toaster oven or the grill until they are lightly






2.  Heat the dashi soup in a pan and add soy sauce and salt.  Add chicken

     and komatsuna and simmer for a few minutes.



IMG_0844.JPG 3.  Put baked rice cakes into dashi soup in the pan and simmer for a





Pour into a cup, and garnish it with a slice of kamaboko.  Voila! Done! Bon Appétit!




Attention: Please be careful when eating rice cake, especially children and the elderly.  Every year, we see in the news that a few people have choked to death eating rice cake. 




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