Boudoir Day Spa: Special Offer for Members and 'Counting Sheep?'

01 Mar 2010 7:59 PM | Deleted user


                                          Special offer for members of the Australian Society!


This month  “Feel like a true Diva at Boudoir Day Spa with our “Glamour puss” beauty package and get 9,200 yen worth of FREE treatments and products!”

Let our Boudoir Professionals pamper you from “Top to Toe” with this wonderful beauty package, guaranteed to make you feel like a Queen!  This package will commence with our Rescue Remedy facial.  This fantastic facial treatment starts with a glycolic peel, this will help to revive tired winter skin and bring back forgotten radiance. 

This package also includes a…

Complimentary shape and paint of fingernails and toenails and

A free pair of diamante tweezers.  These Tweezers, favoured by the world’s top salons and make-up artists are a must have for every gals beauty bag! 

Total value 24,200 yen.  

Your price 15,000 yen.  

Mention the Australian Society newsletter and receive and extra 2000 yen off our “Glamour Puss” beauty package!

This offer is valid until March 31st 2010


Counting sheep?


beauty sleep.jpg


If you’re having problems sleeping and catching the zzzzz’s then this article is for you.

Going from Night Owl to Early Bird -Start a sleep schedule.  Who says bedtime is just for kids.  Force yourself to be in bed at an earlier time.

Skimping on a Good Bed -A good mattress will cost you anywhere from $500 to over $3,000. Consider it money well spent. A decent mattressundefineddo your homework! undefinedwill give you a more restful sleep. The same is true for quality bedding and pillows. Opt for a soft pillow if you’re a back or stomach sleeper. Buy a firmer pillow if you sleep on your side

Bringing Books to Bed - Reading before bed is a habit for many. Problem is, your body has likely adapted to that routineundefinedit won’t go to sleep until you’ve logged a couple chapters. Retreat to a comfy couch or window nook instead for your literary fix. The bed should be off limits for anything other than sleep or sex.

Face booking into the wee hours - The brightness of your computer screen stimulates the brain. Plus, it’s difficult for your mind to stop fretting about your digital to-do list, even once you’ve logged off. Avoid late-night surfing and shut down your computer. Give yourself time to wind down without any electronics.

When you just can’t fall asleep, it’s useless to stay in bed. If you’ve been trying to fall asleep for more than 30 minutes then do something mundane, like balancing a checkbook, reading or watching TV. An activity that demands marginal brainpower will lull your mind. Before you know it, you’ll be crawling back into bed genuinely tired.

Sweet dreams…

Boudoir Day Spa 03 3478 5898

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