2010 Charity report: Fukudenkai by Alison Reynolds

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2010 Charity report: Fukudenkai


by Alison Reynolds



To describe my visit to our designated charity, Fukudenkai, an orphanage in Hiroo, as humbling is an understatement. It is sad that these places exist the world over, but a reality we all must accept. What is especially heartbreaking is that once taken into care, due to the lack of foster care in Japan, the chances of these young children ever experiencing a family life is almost non-existent, they are usually there until age 18.


As a government organisation, there is only money for the basics; for basic day-to-day care and essentials, but Fukudenkai does it best to create a positive and comfortable home for the children. It has 70 children in their care between 3 and 18 years old.  Of these 30 have some form of intellectual disability and the other children are there because of issues at home. Most have suffered some kind of abuse, be it mental, physical or sexual.


As there is no money left over for any little treats for the children, they are extremely grateful for the support of the Australia Society Tokyo. We were able to give them a donation of Y2.8 m in the 2008-2009 year and they have used this money wisely to buy various items for the home such as new curtains, new tatami, bedding and other such items. They have also used the donation to purchase a few luxury items for the children, the kind of things we take for granted, a TV and DVD player, DVD’s, desks so the children have somewhere to do their homework, a day out to Disneyland – described as a lifetime experience for them. That certainly brought me back down to earth.

For 2009-2010, the donation allocated for Fukudenkai is 4.5m.; substantially higher than last year, so I visited to ask if there was some special project we could help with, perhaps a playground or redecorating, perhaps something we could even get some of our members involved in.  I was told the government is going to rebuild starting September 2012, which is a four year project. As such our timing couldn’t have been better.

As the government won’t provide a new playground or library/study centre in this rebuild. This is an ideal time for AST to be getting involved. We are looking into the practicalities of building a library/study centre. They are very excited about this prospect and have said they would name it ‘The Australia Society Tokyo Library’.

If anyone has expertise in this area or would like to help out in any way please email Trevor at president@australiasocietytokyo.com or Alison at secretary@australiasociety.com

As this is a long term project, we will also make a portion of the donation immediately available to support days out or trips to Disneyland particularly over the summer. If you or your company can offer any support to help these children have a few extra treats, please contact Alison as above.

At the moment they are also looking for someone who can help with garden maintenance.  Again contact Alison if you’d like to get involved. It would be great if we could get a group together.

On behalf of Fukudenkai, we would like to say Domo arigato gozaimasu to the Australia Society Tokyo and all its Sponsors.



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