Enzyme Bath: Japanese rejuvenating heat treatment by Kuniko Noguchi

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Enzyme Bath: Japanese rejuvenating heat treatment


by Kuniko Noguchi 





As Japanese people have become more conscious about the health benefits of body warming, heat treatment has come under the spotlight and enzyme bath is one option along with bedrock bath and germanium bath.  I discovered enzyme baths just 7 years ago, but surprisingly it has a long history: It originated in Hokkaido, gaining fame in 1972 when the bath was built in the Sapporo Olympic Village for overseas athletes, and now there are spas throughout the country.  


Though it is called an enzyme bath (‘kouso buro’ in Japanese), the enzyme bath is not filled with hot water, but is covered with what looks like brown sand.  Actually this is a blend of finely shaved Hinoki tree chips and enzyme extracted from 110 kinds of plants, and they generate a natural source of heat by fermentation when they are mixed together.

I visited the Wakou enzyme bath in Tsurumi, Yokohama, to report my actual experience of enzyme bath taking:  upon my arrival at the spa, I was given complimentary enzyme juice and escorted to changing room and from there to a big enzyme room which was charged with negative ion and enzyme’s smell.  The spa manager dug a trench to the depth of 40 cm, which fits one person in length, and then I settled in there and got covered from chin to toe.  From this moment until 10 minutes passed, it was ‘blissful moment’ and I felt the heat slowly wrapping my body.  From that time onwards, however it started to take a bit of patience, and I managed to stay there for 15-20 minutes while sweating out toxins, which is ideal time to spend in enzyme bath. 





Enzyme bath offers numerous health benefits and to name a few…


Improved digestion            ・Detoxification             ・Skin cleansing and smoothing 

Improved circulation and immune system                                  Reduced fatigue and pains


If you goggle enzyme bath even in English, you will get many results and know that there are spas even outside the country: two in US, a few in China, one in South Korea, and probably more.  It says in the websites of the spa in California that “enzyme bath is not recommended for individuals with high blood pressure, women during pregnancy or following the consumption of alcoholic beverages.”  Also, to make this treatment pleasant and safe, I recommend that you rest for a while and drink enough water after coming out of the bath and taking a shower.




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The Wakou enzyme bath, in Tsurumi, Yokohama.




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