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    From the Boudoir: Spring Clean

    By Marilyn Klein, Boudoir Day Spa:

    Skin Care tips

    Seasonal beauty – Adapt your skincare routine to suit the season. During the hotter summer months you may find that you will need a lighter, oil-free moisturizer. As your skin becomes drier in winter you’ll probably switch to a creamy cleanser and a richer moisturizer.

    D-Solve It - If using a cream cleanser, massage it into you skin and leave it for a minute. This will help to allow make-up to dissolve. Remove the cleanser with a facecloth or cotton wool. Always remember to cleanse twice for best results.

    Don’t Sleep On It – It is essential to remove your make-up before going to bed each night. It can take up to 25 days for the skin to naturally rid itself of make-up and impurities.

    Full Steam Ahead - Deep cleaning the skin will revitalize complexions and shift impurities. Aim to steam your skin once a fortnight or once a week if you have problem skin. Boil a kettle of water then pour the steaming water into a heat resistant bowl. Place a towel over your head and so it covers the bowl. Aim to have your head at least 10cm away from the bowl and remain like this for 3 minutes. Try adding essential oils or herbal extracts to the water.

    Mask It - For best results try slathering on a facemask after steaming your face. If you don’t have time to steam then place a very hot face cloth over your skin to prepare it for the application of the mask. Our favorite mask is Guinot Mask Essential Nutri Confort. This mask contains rosemary, lavender and thyme and is suitable for all skin types. Use this twice a week for best results.

    Kissable Lips - Lips have 3-5 layers of skin compared to the rest of the body, which has 15. Use a lip balm daily to protect your lips but be careful of petroleum based balms, although effective they can be addictive as the lips become accustomed to the ingredients and you’ll need to constantly re-apply the product to reap the benefits.

    Eye-Eye Captain – The skin surrounding the eyes is very delicate and susceptible to the visible signs of ageing so it’s essential to protect and hydrate properly. Opt for eye-care products enriched with sun- protectors during the day and reparative at night.

    Your skin throughout the years!

    Our faces reveal a lot about our personalities and the way we live. Our laughter lines, freckles, wrinkles, bright eyes give our faces character. It’s important to take care of your skin from your early 20’s and do not neglect your facial requirements. The condition of our skin is a gauge of inner health - reflecting both our emotional and physical well-being. Tending to your outer beauty needs and inner health will result in a radiant complexion and paves the way to growing old gracefully. By the time we reach 50, our cell turnover will have decreased by 50%, the skin will have become considerably thinner and it’ll be less resilient. So all you youngsters out there - start taking care of your skin NOW! Invest in proper skincare products and treat your skin to regular facial treatments. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

    After 20’s – After those pimple-plagued teenage years, your skin can go through a calm patch. Young people tend to not use sunscreen and only start to use good moisturizers after they see the first signs of ageing. Keep dry skin and wrinkles at bay by investing in high end products and start using an eye crème in order to maintain your young beautiful skin for longer!

    After 30’s – Fine lines and wrinkles will start to appear due to the degeneration of collagen and elastin, the key components of the skins connective tissue support system. The skin around the contour of your eyes becomes thinner and more delicate, you may even begin to notice some pigmentation marks, age spots and broken veins and an overall drier feeling to your skin. Monthly facials are essential and never leave home without your broad-spectrum sunscreen.

    After 40’s – Lines deepen and frown lines appear, this is due to the loss of elastin. Your skin may also lose its cushion-like ability to bounce back. During the early stages of menopause, you may find that your skin becomes more sensitive and spotty due to hormone fluctuations.

    After 50’s – Post menopause, your hormonal levels plummet and you will find your skin is drier, with more deeply etched lines and wrinkles. Sun and age spots appear and the skin begins to sag. Don’t give into gravity. When you are applying skincare preparations always work in upward motions.

    Wow Brow

    Perfectly arched eyebrows can transform your face from plain to plain-fabulous! Your brows structure the proportions of your face and frame your eyes. Get an instant eyelift with a good brow wax, It can take years off!

    To minimize the pain, try plucking after a hot shower and always use natural daylight. Try to keep your natural shape, always use a pointed or slanted tweezers and pluck a little at a time. Have your brows waxed by a Boudoir Day Spa professional, and then pluck the stray hairs daily to maintain the perfect arch.

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    2009 ANZAC Day Commemoration Service

    ANZAC Day – April 25 – marks the anniversary of the landing by Australian and New Zealand forces at Gallipoli in 1915, during the First World War.  ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

    Each year the Australian Embassy and the New Zealand Embassy join to host an ANZAC Day commemoration service at the Hodogaya Commonwealth War Cemetery in Yokohama.

    This year, Australia will coordinate the commemoration service, which will be held on Saturday 25 April, starting at 9:00am and finishing at around 9:50 am.  The commemoration will involve a small service and wreath laying ceremony at the Australian and New Zealand / Canadian sections of the cemetery, followed by tea and biscuits.

    Everyone is welcome to attend. To assist friends and family of the Australian and New Zealand community with return travel to the commemoration service in Yokohama, the Australian Embassy Social Committee is proposing to organise bus transport (for which a small contribution will be payable), departing from the Australian Embassy in Mita, Minato-ku.

    Departure from the Embassy will be preceded by a Gunfire Breakfast at the Embassy’s Ray Simpson VC “Bunker Bar”.  Further details on the Gunfire breakfast will be provided when details are to hand.

    For more information on the Hodogaya Commonwealth War Cemetery, please visit the Australian Embassy website (

    To register for transport or the Gunfire breakfast , please contact Mr Robin McKenzie, First Secretary (Trade and Economic Section) and President of the Australian Embassy Social Committee (email

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    From the Embassy

    By Khadija Haq, Australian Embassy Tokyo

    (1) TaxPack Publication Supplies
    The Australian Taxation Office has taken the decision to not provide bulk printed stocks of TaxPack publications to the Australian Embassy Tokyo (and all other overseas missions) this year. The Tax Office advised that the decision had been reached as a result of careful analysis of the trends in paper tax return lodgement and printed publication usage, which showed a rapidly increasing uptake of electronic tax return lodgement, and electronic access of associated publications. As a result, it was determined as ineffective and undesirable to supply these publications in bulk and in advance of a specific, individual taxpayer's request.

    The Tax Office advised that taxpayers who need access to the publications could first attempt to lodge their tax return via e-Tax, the Tax Office's electronic tax return lodgement portal at:
    The Tax Office also advised that if e-Tax was not a suitable option, then taxpayers could download or order their required printed publication through the Tax Office's website at:  
    Printed publications can be ordered from the Tax Office by calling +61-2-6216-1111 and asking for the publications distribution service.

    (2) Crime in Japan
    You may have noticed a travel advice update from the US Embassy and resultant media concerning drink-spiking in entertainment areas in Tokyo.
    See the following Warden’s message for the full text  
    We remind you of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade travel advice on Japan ( which notes the following under the Crime section:
    "Japan generally has a low rate of crime.  However, drink spiking, often resulting in theft and assault, occurs in bars and other entertainment venues.  Sporadic incidents of bag snatching and pickpocketing of foreigners in crowded shopping areas, on trains and at airports have occurred."

    (3) Tasmanian Legislative Council Elections
    The Tasmanian Legislative Council Elections for the divisions of Derwent, Mersey and Windermere have been announced for 2 May 2009.  

    You can access the application form for a postal vote on-line from the Tasmanian Electoral Commission (TEC) website.  The website link is as follows:  
    Once you have completed your application form for a postal vote, please fax it to the TEC on +61-3-6224-0217 by 6:00pm (AEST) 28 April 2009.  Ballot papers will then be posted to the elector for completion.  Ballot papers must be completed and postmarked by Saturday 2 May 2009 and be mailed so as to be received by the TEC no later than Tuesday 12 May 2009.
    For those voting from Japan, please note that you would need to apply for your postal ballot paper well in advance of the 28 April deadline in order to receive your ballot paper and vote before the 2 May deadline.
    Please note that the Australian Embassy Tokyo and regional Australian Consulates in Japan cannot process in-person votes or postal votes.

    (4) Western Australian Daylight Saving Referendum
    The Western Australian Referendum on Daylight Saving has been announced for 16 May 2009.  
    Postal voting services will be available through the Western Australian Electoral Commission (WAEC) in Australia for Australians overseas who are eligible to vote in this referendum.  Postal vote applications are available on-line on the WAEC website at: or via email on, or telephone: +61-8-9214-0400.

    Application forms must be completed and returned to the Western Australian Electoral Commission before 6.00pm on Thursday 14th May 2009.  Ballot Papers will then be posted to the elector for completion.  These must then be mailed, postmarked prior to 6.00pm on polling day, Saturday 16 May and received at the Commission by 9.00am on Thursday 21 May 2009.
    For those voting from Japan, please note that you would need to apply for your postal vote ballot paper well in advance of the 14 May deadline in order to receive your ballot paper and vote before the 16 May deadline.
    Please note that the Australian Embassy Tokyo and regional Australian Consulates in Japan cannot process in-person votes or postal votes.

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    Cherry Blossoms and a Small Reunion

    By Kuniko Noguchi

    It was an email from my Australian friend that opened my eyes to the coming of spring: yes, cherry blossoms. Christopher, who was my class mate at UNSW and now working in South Korea, planned to come to Tokyo over the weekend to view cherry blossoms!DSCF2436.JPG

    I usually choose the traditional places when I take my non-Japanese friends around. This time I chose Chidorigafuchi, the very famous cherry blossom viewing spot around the Imperial Palace. If you have walked around Chidorigafuchi at this time of year, you know that there are hundreds of beautiful cherry blossoms along the Imperial Moat with high-rises in the background. I told him that this place is popular among Japanese because we can enjoy the nice contrast between tradition/nature and civilization, and his reply was: “Japanese like this sort of contrast, but it is a bit disappointing that skyscrapers impair the scenery”. His opinion gave a new and interesting insight into Japan for me, who hadn’t thought of things quite like that. It also reminded me that other visitors from Australia and US said the same thing when they saw the townscape in Kyoto and Sensouji in Asakusa. 

    DSCF2453.JPGHaving said that, he seemed to be fascinated with the beauty of the flowers, and enjoyed the seasonal events marking the arrival of spring. They were not in full bloom last weekend, but we enjoyed some white and pink cherry blossoms and of course this small reunion of friends in Tokyo.

    I don’t know if you have already viewed cherry blossoms around the city, but please remember that we will have another chance to enjoy this great Japanese tradition together this Saturday, April 4th. I have more to talk about, so please come and join me at Komazawa Olympic Park! See the details here.

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    In good time for your spring cleaning: free classified ads for Society members. Post items to give away or sell and request things you want. Members, please log in to view and post ads. Not a member? Why not join today?
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    The February Edition is available for your inspection

    Newsletter February 2009 Vol 31.pdf

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    The paparazzi at the Red Carpet Ball snapped fab photos of everyone who attended. Check the Portrait Studio & Roaming Photos to find your photos, which are available for purchase from Keyshots.
    Picture 11.png
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    The January edition of the newsletter is now online.
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    Join us for an elegant night of dancing, dining, drinking, and donations at the annual Australia Day Gala Ball, January 30th at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo. This is the Society's premiere social event of the year. Tickets are available online or by e-mail to Please see the Event Calendar for further details.
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    The official BBQ photos can be found from the following link.  Click here!!

    If you have photos of your own that you would like to share, please feel free to use the FREE flickr pool.  Click here!!  If you share your photos with this group, your photos will appear on our homepage.

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