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    Quick and easy recipe: Ozouni---New Year’s mochi soup




    Japanese people cook and eat ‘Ozouni’ during the New Year period, in addition to ‘Osechi ryourii’, which is another typical New Year’s food.  While Osechi ryouri can be a little complicated to prepare, it takes only 10 minutes to cook Ozouni.


    Ozouni has regional variations: Square rice cakes (‘omochi’ in Japanese) and dashi soup are the common Kanto-style, whereas round rice cakes and white miso soup are typical Kansai-style.  With the New Year’s holiday just a month away, now is a good time to learn how to cook Ozouni! Since we live in Tokyo, here is the recipe for the Kanto style. Hope that you enjoy the Ozouni and welcoming the New Year like the Japanese!


    Quick and easy recipe:


    Ingredients  serves 4


    Rice cake

    4-8 pieces (one or two pieces per serving)


    150g  Cut into bite-size pieces.


    200g  Cut into 4 cm lengths


    Cut into 1cm wide.  Optional

    Dashi soup

    5 cups

    Soy sauce

    2 tbs


    1/2 tsp

    *Komatsuna is a kind of dark green leafy vegetables.

















    1.  Grill the rice cakes in the toaster oven or the grill until they are lightly






    2.  Heat the dashi soup in a pan and add soy sauce and salt.  Add chicken

         and komatsuna and simmer for a few minutes.



    IMG_0844.JPG 3.  Put baked rice cakes into dashi soup in the pan and simmer for a





    Pour into a cup, and garnish it with a slice of kamaboko.  Voila! Done! Bon Appétit!




    Attention: Please be careful when eating rice cake, especially children and the elderly.  Every year, we see in the news that a few people have choked to death eating rice cake. 




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    Melbourne Cup 2009 was a great success and we would like to thank and acknowledge our Melbourne Cup sponsors.  


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    Ball tickets are now on sale and for a limited time we are offering free membership to non-members when you buy your ball tickets.

    Reserve and pay for your ball tickets by Monday 14th December and receive one year free membership to the Australia Society Tokyo valid until December 2010. Ball tickets for non-members cost Y30,000 each.

    Visit the Events page for more details on the ball.

    To book tickets, complete the Ticket Reservation Form and send it via email to
    or post to Bianca Russell, 2-15-4 Apartment 201, Mita, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0062






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    Buy a gift voucher – get one to the same value for yourself FREE!

    This Christmas Boudoir Day Spa is the only salon, which keeps on giving!



    As much as you may hate to think about it, Christmas is edging closer and once again the mad rush for finding the perfect gift begins.  Another CD…? A new perfume…?  All women love to be pampered and to feel special. 

    Give the gift of indulgence and relaxation. 

    Boudoir Day Spa gift certificates are voted the number 1 Christmas Gift, guaranteed to put a smile on your loved one’s face.  Be pampered in our luxurious beauty studios by Tokyo’s TOP beauty therapists. Boudoir has been serving the foreign community since 1999 and has the reputation of Tokyo’s premier beauty salon.  Owned by Australian Marilyn Klein, full English service and attention to detail is what sets Boudoir apart from the rest.

    All therapists hold international qualifications and have experienced working overseas.  Give your friends or family members the perfect indulgence. Give deserving staff some relaxation and pampering. Thank business associates or colleagues in a unique way.  

    Don't know what to choose? Nominate the amount and the lucky recipients of your gift can choose for themselves.  Select from our specially created Christmas packages or any other treatment on our menu.

    And don’t forget – Boudoir Day Spa will give YOU a present for buying a present. Hassle free – gift voucher can be purchased over the phone and delivered to your door, beautifully gift wrapped and ready for giving.

    There is no better way to revive your self than to get a top to toe makeover. So get yourself down to Boudoir Day Spa for the best Christmas gift and a pampering that will wake your inner goddess and have you on the right track for 2010!

    The perfect Christmas Gift packages…

    Hands up Beauty package - 5,000 yen Boudoir Spa Manicure plus a Shape and paint of toenails.

    Sexy Feet Beauty package - 10,000 yen Boudoir Spa Pedicure, Shape and paint of fingernails, Pedi foot file.

    Go Glow Beauty package - 12,000yen Rescue Remedy and eyebrow wax.

    The Ultimate Beauty package - 15,000 yen Rescue Remedy facial, Shape and paint of fingernails and toenails, paraffin wax treatment for hands and feet, eyebrow wax.

    Maison Kawai 101, 2-25-3 Jingumae, Shibuya Ku 150-0001. 

    Telephone 03 3478 5898



    It’s party time!


    The season of endless parties is almost with us.  Now it’s time to co-ordinate hair make-up and sexy LBD.  Should you opt for raunchy red lips or go for nude lips and smoky eyes, a touch of Kate Moss-esque cheek shimmer, or perhaps some body glitter?  The Boudoir team, have come up with their favorite beauty rituals to have you looking fabulous and ready to rock any Christmas Shindig!

    Beautiful skin – If your going out, you want to look good and the most important thing is beautiful skin.  Make sure you rest and get lots of sleep before the party season start.  By getting a goods night sleep, drinking lots of water and doing weekly facials at home will ensure you have that special glow all through the festive season.  Start now as Christmas is just around the corner.

    Lady in red
-Wearing a red dress or red lipstick fast puts you on the road to attention and so do red nails. This season go for classic reds, which have a blue base and a matte finish. Apply two coats for complete coverage and color depth, and then seal in the color with a topcoat.

    Get Shorty -
While your nail files are still out, it's time to talk length for winter '09. You want your nails to be just past the tip for a really smart look; you to team this nail length with a dark color Finish it off with a nice high-shine topcoat.

    Sexy Eyes – For make-up that lasts throughout your party season try having a lash tint, then adding a volumizing mascara.  This will leave your lashes looking dark and rich.  False eyelashes can be fun too!  You can get ¾ length ones which are really beautiful. Work them from the outer corner of your eye coming up to the middle.  Shu Uemura and Mac do some which have glitter through them, perfect for the party season.  Try doing a dark liquid line over the top of the eye at the root of the lash so it doesn’t look like a mess when you apply them.  Glitter is also great for making a small statement.  Try adding a little to the inside corner of the eye, just to add a sexy, subtle gleam.

    Luscious lips – With lips you either go all the way with a red glossy look or you go nude and natural, there is really no in between.  If you opt for red and glossy it’s important to go easy on the eyes.  Try a natural colored eye shadow with a sexy black eye liner.  A look Dita Von Teese does so well.  Nude lips?  Then definitely go for a smoky eye with heavy outer lashes.

    Twinkle like a star – Party make-up isn’t only about the face.  A sexy dress requires a dash of body shimmer.  Dust it on your cheekbones, cleavage, shoulders and legs.  You’ll be positively radiant when you do the party rounds.  As an added bonus you’ll glow in party pictures.

    The aftermath – The best way to remove your party make-up is with an oil-based eye make-up remover.  You can even use olive oil to rid offending make-up.

    Email for more information.

    Boudoir Day Spa


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    Pandemic (H1N1) Influenza 2009


    The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare have advised that foreigners in Japan who are defined as a designated priority group are eligible to receive the H1N1 vaccination.  If you are interested in receiving the H1N1 vaccination, please contact your local public health office or your primary care physician to inquire about vaccination eligibility and availability. 


    A link to Japan’s Prefecture health websites is at:

    Australians travelling or living overseas should read the Pandemic (H1N1) Influenza 2009 Travel Bulletin and the travel advice for their destination.  More information concerning the H1N1 Influenza can also be obtained from the Australian Department of Health and Aging and the Commonwealth Health Hotline.  Links are below.


    For more information in Japan please go to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare at

    The Australian Embassy and Consulates have no in-house medical facilities.  We cannot provide medical treatment (including anti-viral medication).  Please make appropriate arrangements for access to healthcare and medication for you and your family.


    Australian Passport


    Make sure you don’t get caught at the last minute with an expired (or missing) passport before Christmas.  We encourage you to always know where your passport is stored and to be aware of when it expires.  Please be aware that most foreign countries require that you have a minimum of six months’ validity on your passport to be able gain entry into that country.  We recommend you renew your passport seven months before it is due to expire.


    For information on renewing your Australian passport in Japan please see:


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     AST Committee   Australia Society Tokyo, eNewsletter, Nov. 2009


    Member Survey Online through Nov 12

    Do you have three minutes right now to answer 10 questions? Help the steering committee know your views and plan better events in the upcoming year. Nancy Jenkins' questionnaire is now online for easier, faster answering.
    Click here to take our Member Survey online in a new window  
    or use this link:

    logo_facebook.jpgConnect with AST Online


    We are dipping our toes into the social networking scene. If you are on Facebook or Flickr,

      logo_home_png.png                          come join our groups and share your photos, comments and discussions.  Should we have a

    presence on other SNS? Let us know.



    What's on in Japan:


    DSCF3972_sh01.JPGLet's Explore Japanese Cuisine (1)


    Some of you may have watched Sumo match, but probably not many have tried ‘Chanko-nabe’.  Whether you have had it previously or not, today let’s take a Japanese cuisine exploration together and even try to learn more about Japanese culture!   Read more>>>



    Upcoming Events:

    Coffee Morning, November 26 2009 

    A great chance to meet Australian families in Tokyo. Location: [Oakwood T-Cube Residence, Roppongi] Level 22 3-1-1 Roppongi Minato-ku Tokyo  Read more>>>

    Xmas Flyer.jpgChildren's Christmas Party,  November 29 2009

    Tickets go on sale on Tuesday 3 November. Reservations will also be accepted by email Unfortunately, reservation emails received prior to this date and time will not be processed. Read more>>>

    Postcard.JPGFrom Downunder with Love Gala Ball, January 29 2010

    Celebrate Australia Day in “007" style at the annual Australia Society Gala Ball - From Down Under with Love. Join us at the Grand Hyatt for a wonderful and fun filled evening of delicious food and drinks... Read more>>>

    Aussies do Hakuba in Style, February 19-21 2010

    Australia Society Annual Ski Week end is in Hakuba next year, over the week end from Friday February 19 to Sunday February 21. Australia Society Member, and Owner of Hotel Phoenix, Adrian Bell is playing host this year, giving us run of house of his Hotel in Hakuba. Only Y12,000 per person per night including breakfast. Save the date now and what out for more details.


    新しいイメージ.JPGFrom Taiwan Satellite TV

    Thanks to Jim Edstein from for providing the Melbourne Cup Feed at the Hyatt Hotel.  Jim also provides the AFL NRL and Tri Nations and cricket and 130 TV channels on English IPTV services available to all expats in Japan.                                                 IPTV link     Read more>>>

    Yummy mummy image.jpgFrom Boudoir: Wow eyebrow, about face, and  mummy 911

    A great shaped eyebrow can transform your face from plain to fabulous!    A well-groomed eyebrow frames the eyes and also can give your eyes an instant eyelift!  The perfect shape is the one you were born with.  Basically most people suit a thick, full brow.  Read more>>>

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    Kiss and Tell


    There’s nothing worse than a set of dry chapped lips.  That’s why lip balm is a must-have in every women’s make-up bag. Lips go through a bad time during cold and dry months. They have a tough time coping with the worst climatic conditions. Dry, chapped lips are the result of lack of moisture in the skin.  Lip balms are used to soften and moisturize the lips, making them smooth, soft and more kissable.  Lip balms help to keep the lips hydrated and maintains their shine.  No wonder so many women swear by the benefits of lip balms. Lip balms come in 3 forms - stick, tube and jars.

    Petroleum-based lip balms are not very effective and only provide a temporary relief for our lips. A great alternative to petroleum-based lip balm is a lip balm that uses Shea butter as one of its main ingredients. Shea butter has proved to be very effective in increasing the capacity of the lip skin cells to retain moisture. Shea butter possesses certain ingredients that are extremely useful in enabling the skin cells regain their elasticity, which in turn makes it possible for them to retain the moisture.

    Remember to apply daily for soft, moisturized beautiful lips.


    Get out of the cold!


    Did you know your skin works as a barrier against elements, and when exposed to extreme weather changes can suffer terribly?                                                      

    During the winter months Boudoir’s therapists are constantly asked how to help clients keep their skin more hydrated, more radiant and less sensitive.

    It is natural for the skin to produce less oil in the winter, therefore leaving your face feeling rough and dry.  We recommend to exfoliate your face twice a week with a gentle exfoliant.  Try Gommage Grain D’eclat from the Guinot range.  We also recommend for you to use of a heavier moisturizing cream than the one you used in summer.

    Continual transition from the cold wintery weather outside to indoor heating can also be bad for the skin, especially Rosacea sufferers.  Rasacea is a condition where the skin becomes red and inflamed with small pustules or bumps.  The remedy is to cool skin with a refreshing spriz and avoid alcohol or spicy foods. Another skin type that suffers in this situation are people who are prone to dehydration.  Get a humidifier; it will help to hydrate the skin.  Winter is also a good time to drink lots of water or herbal teas.  You will find a water binding moisturizer will really help to plump up your skin cells.  Hyaluronic acid is a great ingredient to look for when purchasing your winter moisturizer.

    People tend to stay home more in winter, curled up in front of the heater, which can leave your skin looking dull, lifeless and pale.  Boost radiance with Vitamin C and other anti-oxidants and remember a fake tan is a great beauty tool all year round!

    Sensitive and eczema-prone skins are usually dry, but go crazy in the winter.  Try to avoid having hot baths or showers, which can often worsen the irritation.  Keep the skin moisturized, try a hydrating mask like Guinot Mask Essential Nutri Confort.  A Boudoir best seller. This mask contains Rosemary, Lavender and Thyme, which are healing and soothing, plus Menthol extracts to brighten a dull complexion.  Use this mask twice a week to see the best results. Apply it to your lips if they are sore and dry.

    Pigmentation is a problem many women share.  Now the summer is over, winter is the best time to target this problem.  Our Boudoir professionals believe the best cure for pigmentation is to find a good dermatologist or plastic surgeon and have multiple laser treatments over the cold winter months.  Even though the weather is freezing outside, don’t forget your sunscreen and moisturize daily with a moisturizer containing glycolic or salicylic acids. Try Mayerling Lotion Forte, another Boudoir bestseller; imported exclusively from Dr Lawrence Ho, a Sydney based plastic surgeon who specializes in laser resurfacing of the skin.

    Last but not least we will tackle dry, cracked lips.  We recommend investing in a lip cream with a Vitamin A derivative, such as retinol, to help boost cell turnover and prevent a build up of dry skin. Also apply hour hydrating face mask to you lips twice weekly!

    03 3478 5898

    Boudoir Day Spa
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    Some of you may have watched Sumo match, but probably not many have tried ‘Chanko-nabe’.  Whether you have had it previously or not, today let’s take a Japanese cuisine exploration together and even try to learn more about Japanese culture!


    So what’s Chanko-nabe, anyway?  It is one-pot meal which Sumo wrestlers have every day to build up strength.  At the Sumo stable (‘heya’ in Japanese) where wrestlers train and live, normally junior wrestlers prepare Chanko-nabe and they put various ingredients such as chicken, tofu and vegetables into it.  Nowadays it is not just Sumo wrestlers’ dish, and it is popular food served at the restaurants, owned by retired sumo wrestlers in some cases.  Now that we have learnt the basic things, let’s actually go to a Chanko-nabe restaurant and try it!






    Here we are in Ryogoku area where the Kokugikan (National Sports Arena) and many of chanko-nabe restaurants are located.  This time, the newsletter editor chose this restaurant called ‘Yoshiba’, because…






    At the center of the restaurant is a real sumo ring (‘dohyo’ in Japanese)!  This all-cypress restaurant was once a sumo stable for former Miyagi-beya, where Yokozuna champion, Yoshiba yama trained.  While we are curiously looking at sumo pictures on the wall, coaster with dohyo picture on it and so on, here comes Chanko-nabe!






    Shrimp, scallop, minced fish, pork, chicken, vegetables…a total of 17 ingredients are being stewed in this pot.  To be honest, when the server opened the lid for us, the editor first thought that it is not different from ordinary nabe dishes, but once the editor had a bite, this is heaven!  Particularly the soup is tasty and well-flavored.


    Well, how was the Japanese cuisine exploration this time?  The restaurant ‘Yoshiba’ was featured in this issue, but there are more to explore in Ryogoku and other areas.  Now it is your turn to take us to other restaurant and send a report to your humble editor. 


    Bon appetit!


    For the listing of Chanko-nabe restaurants in Ryogoku, please go to (in Japanese)


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    Do you have three minutes right now to answer 10 questions? Help the steering committee know your views and plan better events in the upcoming year. Nancy Jenkins' questionnaire is now online for easier, faster answering.
    Click here to take our Member Survey online in a new window
     or use this link:

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